What is Hacos?


Hacos was designed for lift enthusiasts as a lift museum but we later noticed it was a big hit. With my other developer who built it , 1souq we had managed to make a dynamic realistic mall. It was a big project so we made a group here. 

It was a sub-division of a group calledHusky Lifts .

Husky Lifts was a lifts maker who would create virtual lifts for players to ride , it turned it massive just like Hacos so we decided to transition over. It was only a few days and Hacos would turn out to have over 25+ members. I and members were shocked! We then made it real and are still building it - to this day, we’ll add more once it progresses!

m35kand1souq - on Roblox


We are looking for testers to try out our new updates. It's really good and beta testers get exclusive features on release! Limited Places Available and Limited Time Only!

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